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NZ0/New Zealand Zero Certification

AsureQuality is an independent auditor of the New Zealand Zero/NZ0 Certification. Our role is to maintain consumer trust in the certification and provide assurance that these changes are permanent and adhered to through a regular auditing process of all participants in the Certification.

The New Zealand Zero/NZ0 Certification Standard(external link) has been developed to enable certification for New Zealand growers, food producers and processors that have taken significant steps to minimise or eliminate the use of fossil fuels from their growing operations.  

The certification provides genuine recognition for growers and food producers that are leading change through technology advancements to provide a more sustainable future. With increasing consumer awareness of the environmental impact of food production, NZ0 meets consumer demand for authenticity and enables unique product differentiation in the market.

The New Zealand Zero/NZ0 Certification Standard covers the foundation criteria for orchards, farms, vineyards and processing sites.  
Examples of criteria in the standard include:

  • avoiding all fossil fuel combustion on site during all growing and transportation processes
  • minimising emissions from fossil fuel combustion elsewhere in the supply chain, e.g. purchased services
  • minimising emissions from non-fossil sources such as refrigerant, nitrous oxide and methane
  • undertaking an operational proactive, responsible approach to other environmental and social impacts

 AsureQuality’s Sustainability Assurance team provided technical expertise to co-design the New Zealand Zero/NZ0 Certification in partnership with Mike Casey of Forest Lodge Orchard.(external link) (Funded by AGMARDT)

More info visit NZ0(external link)