AQ Apiculture Industry

High Quality Assurance Services

Supporting bee health and production of high quality products

With more consumers looking for high quality honey, your opportunities as a business are greater than ever. Our service offerings can help you enhance bee health, gain confidence in the high quality of your product and be ready for export to international markets. 

We have a deep responsibility to do the right thing for food and the environments it comes from.

Through our specialist services, you are able to:

  • Get your products verified and certified in compliance with international regulations
  • Detect and prevent the spread of harmful disease among your bee population
  • Become Certified to the internationally recognised AsureQuality Organic Standard
  • Provide supply chain visibility, claims verification and product traceability with Assurance Marks

Our services include

Apiculture Register

Apiary Register

Meet your legal obligation under New Zealand's Biosecurity Act 1993 and register your apiaries.

Honey Testing Services

Glyphosate Testing for Honey

All New Zealand honey being exported to Japan is now required to be tested for Glyphosate in an accredited laboratory.

Apiculture 2

Organic Certification

We offer verification services and certify to the AsureQuality Organic Standard.

Apiculture Pest Disease Mgmt

Pest and Disease Management

We partner with MPI to provide surveillance and response services.

Apiculture Services

Specialist Knowledge

We provide customised services tailored to suit specific geographical, climatic, gender or cultural environments.

Verification Certification

Verification and Certification

We provide verification services which ensure that bee products comply with food safety and export standards.

AsureQuality Apiculture Services

Download a PDF overview of all apiculture services.