Step by Step Guide to Organic Certification

Follow our simple step by step guide to organic certification.

Receive our Application pack

To receive an application pack please contact our customer service team on 0508 00 11 22 or use the online form on the contact us page. Please let us know what product/s you wish to certify and we will send you the appropriate application pack.

Complete the Application Form and Management Plan

Enclosed in your pack you will find an Organic Registration Form and a Management Plan appropriate to your business. When completing a Management Plan, the plan requires detailed information on how you operate and document the audit trail of your business, including both inputs and outputs. If you have any questions while completing the management plan contact us using the details listed above. Also included with your application pack will be a price list which gives an overview of our pricing – please contact us with your requirements so we can determine a cost for your operation.

Return the Application Form, Organic Management Plan and Credit Application

Once all documents are completed send to:

The initial certification process will take approximately 3 months.

Organic Management Plan Review

We will notify you of receipt of your application and send you a copy of the AsureQuality Organic Standard. Your organic management plan (OMP) will then be sent for a review. Once we are satisfied with the information you have provided, approval will be given for an audit to be assigned. We will notify you when we assign your audit to an auditor.

On-site Assessment/Audit

An organic auditor will contact you to make an appointment to conduct an on-site audit of your operation to ensure that every aspect of your operation complies with the AsureQuality Organic Standard. If you are a primary producer intending to export your product or supply your product as an ingredient into a product destined for export, a multiresidue soil test should be taken two weeks prior to the audit.

Submission of Audit Findings

Following the on-site audit, the organic auditor will submit a formal report on the findings of the audit. The report will include (but may not be confined to) any non-conformance against the AsureQuality Organic Standard that needs to be addressed.

Response to any Audit Findings / Non-Conformances

The organic auditor will agree with you on how to resolve any non-conformances and set the closing due date.

Organic Certification Status Issued

When all non-conformances are closed out, an organic certification status certificate will be issued covering the scope of your operation.

AsureQuality Organic Certification Mark

As a primary producer your certification covers produce at your farm gate. You would be eligible to advertise your organic status at the farm gate only.

Processors, input suppliers, packers and/or marketers of organic products who wish to display the AsureQuality organic certification mark should request a copy of the license agreement. Email or call 0508 00 11 22. Once we have received the completed agreement we will send you the appropriate artwork.

All label and advertising proofs are to be submitted to us prior to printing for final approval against the AsureQuality Organic Standard Section 3. Label Approval form.

Organic Certification Re-Assessment Audit Process

AsureQuality will review that certification should remain valid,  through a programme of re-assessment audits. Re-assessment audits will take place at least annually. You will receive a reminder 3 months prior to your audit being due and a request for you to re-submit your management plan if changes have occurred.