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Monitoring New Zealand's
environment for pests and
the health of our animals

Offering Biosecurity Surveillance Services

Continuous monitoring for the presence of new unwanted organisms in New Zealand is a crucial part of keeping our country free of new pests and diseases that could significantly impact our environment, economy, and health.

Our experienced field officers perform a variety of biosecurity surveillance activities throughout New Zealand and are renowned for their attention to detail and high-quality workmanship. 

Our biosecurity technical managers will work with you to design a surveillance programme that will deliver results. Our field teams will then deliver this safely, on time, and to the agreed specifications.

You can also be assured of our flexibility and adaptability to the ever-changing circumstances surrounding pests and diseases.

Contact AsureQuality Biosecurity Team for further information.

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Why are Biosecurity Surveillance Services Important?

Biosecurity Surveillance allows the detection of pests or diseases that are a known risk to New Zealand and provides an early warning to the potential threats. This allows the opportunity for a quick response to control or eradicate the disease or pest before it becomes a problem.

What Surveillance Services can AsureQuality provide?

We are very experienced in Biosecurity Surveillance throughout New Zealand. We can work with you to design an appropriate surveillance programme, provide a professional field team to work on the ground, and be flexible to adapt as the situation changes.

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Biosecurity services Auditing and Verification

Biosecurity Auditing and Verification

AsureQuality provides independent technical and auditing expertise to verify business systems and procedures delivered to their Pest and Biosecurity Management Plans, ensure food safety, and that trade market access requirements are met.

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Biosecurity Response Services

AsureQuality has been the default provider of Biosecurity Responses to the Ministry for Primary Industries for many years. We continue to provide specialised expertise and services when New Zealand’s environment, economy, and people's health are at risk from biosecurity incursions.

Biosecurity services Pest Management and Ecological Restoration

Pest Management and Ecological Restoration

AsureQuality provides Pest Management and Ecological Restoration services to Government agencies, Regional Councils, and private business from our nationwide network for technical experts and field officers.