Regulatory Programmes 2

We provide
plant export
verification services
on behalf of MPI

Regulatory Programmes

AsureQuality is authorised by MPI as an Independent Verification Agency (IVA) to undertake plant export verification services on MPI’s behalf.

Many overseas importing countries require Government issued Phytosanitary (Plant Health) or OECD Grade certification as a pre-requisite to entry.

Inspections for Export

We are MPI approved to inspect all plant products to ensure they meet the Import Country Phytosanitary Requirements (ICPR) of the country you want to export to.

MPI Approved Organisation (MAO) Auditing

We can facilitate you becoming a MAO by evaluating your documented system against MPI’s export certification standards. We will conduct regular audits once MPI confirm approval.

Verification of Export Phytosanitary Certificates

We verify certificates on behalf of MPI for those destination countries that require MPI to issue a phytosanitary certificate for export plants and plant products. The certificate confirms the importing country’s phytosanitary requirements are met.

Pest Surveys

We are MPI approved to undertake crop or production site surveys for a range of pests and diseases. These surveys may be required where an importing country specifies they require product “surveyed, inspected, or tested and found free from”. Our Pest and Plant Health Laboratories are able to provide diagnosis of any samples found.

Food Act 2014

Under the Food Act 2014, our Auditors can undertake evaluation and verification against customised Food Control Plans. They can also provide verification against National Programmes.

Bee Products Risk Management Programmes (RMP)

If you process or store bee products for export to countries that require an official assurance you need to have a registered and verified Risk Management Programme (RMP). Bee product RMPs are verified by an agency recognised by MPI. We are a recognised agency under the Act and we employ recognised persons to undertake RMP verification. Our Auditors can assist with the processing of e-Decs.