Grass Fed as a Differentiator for NZ

Grass Fed as a Differentiator for NZ

in Assurance Marks

Grass Fed claims find resonance amongst New Zealand’s export consumers due to New Zealand’s competitive advantage(external link) over other developed markets in the ability to supply nutritious products derived from grass-raised animals.

Increased focus on food nutrition from export consumers leads to a growing number of food producers wanting to make trusted claims about their product in order to access this growing market.

As a result of growing demand for independent verification of this claim area, AsureQuality has developed a Grass Fed Standard and associated Assurance Mark.

Getting certified to the AsureQuality Grass Fed Standard will allow companies to increase credibility and therefore profitability in international markets by using the Grass Fed Assurance Marks(external link) .

Danone is the first company to have a product range(external link) certified throughout the supply chain with its Certified Organic and Certified Grass Fed Karicare Organic milk formula range.

Certification to this Standard provides consumers with the confidence that a product has been independently verified which is particularly useful in NZ export markets.

AsureQuality's New Zealand Government-owned status provides additional value for brand owners and a higher level of trust for global consumers.

With a major research initiative(external link) soon to be undertaken around the health and wellbeing benefits of pasture-raised beef, compared with grain fed alternatives, there is potential for NZ’s international position to be strengthened further, enabling brand owners to differentiate even further.