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Ensuring Excellence: AsureQuality Champions the World's Highest UMF™ Rated Mānuka Honey in its Global Market Leap

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Through an unwavering commitment to excellence and authenticity, New Zealand's luxury Mānuka honey producer as well as AsureQuality Assurance Marks’ customer, The True Honey Co., has set a new industry benchmark, harvesting a Mānuka honey with the highest grade ever documented - the Rare Harvest 2050+ MGO Mānuka Honey. This product is the highest UMF™ rated Mānuka honey ever documented worldwide, independently tested to contain at least UMF™ 34+.

A Dedication to Authenticity and Transparency

The True Honey Co. has consistently showcased its devotion to delivering the best Mānuka honey to consumers. This is achieved through various practices throughout the supply chain, including extensive analysis of each batch in accredited laboratories, verifying its authenticity, safety, quality, methylglyoxal (MGO) content, and Unique Manuka Factor (UMF™) rating. To further bolster consumer confidence, the company provides comprehensive supply chain information accessible via an AQ Assured QR code on each pack.

Mānuka honey is renowned for its unique antibacterial properties, which are attributed to the naturally occurring compound methylglyoxal (MGO). Honey claiming to have high UMF™, or Unique Mānuka Factor (which is a measurement that considers the MGO, along with other properties of the honey) is tested by the UMF™ Honey Association and given a rating, helping to ensure that New Zealand is maintaining mānuka honey quality for consumers around the globe. The AsureQuality Assurance Marks team has reviewed the independent test results of the Rare Harvest 2050+ MGO Mānuka Honey, confirming its UMF™ rating of 34+. This establishes the Rare Harvest 2050 Mānuka honey as the highest UMF rated honey in the world at the time of testing.

Luxurious Texture with Delicious Taste

With less than 1000 jars available, this Rare Harvest 2050+ MGO Mānuka Honey is as exclusive as it is exquisite. Each jar comes complete with its own drizzler and is sealed with a luxurious hand-turned native timber lid, housed in a specially crafted mānuka blossom box.

Jim McMillan (Te Atiawa), Founder and CEO of The True Honey Co., describes the honey’s unique flavour profile as "similar to toffee - both sweet and savoury, with a slight mocha note." He goes on to share that beyond its delightful taste, it is a sought-after product for those investing in optimal health and wellbeing.

Sustainably Harvested in Remote Locations

The production of this world-record honey involves an intricate dance with nature, with honeybees foraging in the untouched wilderness of New Zealand's North Island. The bees collect nectar exclusively from the native mānuka plant (Leptospermum scoparium), resulting in pure Mānuka honey of the highest quality. To access these remote areas, The True Honey Co. employs helicopters to transport hives into their top-secret locations, where they stay for the duration of the mānuka flowering season before being lifted out, ensuring the integrity of the pure New Zealand Mānuka honey while minimizing disturbance to the natural habitat. This practice underscores the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable beekeeping.

Venturing into the China Market

Marking a significant milestone in its journey, The True Honey Co. has recently expanded its horizons, opening a flagship store on China's biggest e-commerce platform Tmall, and participating in the highly anticipated Double 11 Shopping Festival.

AsureQuality’s Assurance Marks team has been supporting this significant global expansion, highlighting the AQ Assured QR code in co-marketing materials to share The True Honey Co.’s verified wellness story with a broader audience.

Discover more in our latest video, where the Assurance Marks’ expert highlights the exceptional quality of The True Honey Co’s Rare Harvest 2050 MGO Manuka Honey.